glad someone else is fed up.


Saw this on…talks about how school meals should be balanced…hopefully federal regulations will actually be updated and finalized this year, it’s not something to procrastinate about because this is a current issue and concern that is only going to get larger if America continues down this scary path….. 
  • School meals are well-balanced, healthy meals that are required to meet science-based, federal nutrition standards.
    • No more than 30% of calories can come from fat, less than 10% from saturated fat
    • Lunches must provide 1/3 of Recommended Dietary Allowances of protein, vitamins A and C, iron and calcium (Breakfasts must provide 1/4 of RDA for these nutrients)
    • School meals are served in age-appropriate portion sizes
  • Every School Lunch Includes five great choices that add up to a great value:
    • Milk – Fat free or 1% – flavored or regular
    • Vegetables – From jicama slaw to fresh carrot sticks
    • Fruit – Everything from kiwi to locally grown apples; often fresh
    • Grains – More whole grain items like rolls or sandwich bread
    • Meat or meat alternate –White meat chicken, bean chili, lean beef
  • Federal nutrition standards for school meals are currently being updated. In January 2011, the US Department of Agriculture released proposed nutrition standards including new calorie and sodium limits, larger fruit and vegetable serving sizes and requirements to expand the variety of vegetables served in schools each week. The standards will be finalized in 2012. As you can see from Tray Talk’s Success Stories, schools are already working toward these goals. However, with the new standards expected to increase the cost of preparing school lunches by 15 cents per meal and breakfast by 51 cents per meal, many schools will require additional support to cover increased food, equipment and labor expenses.



Is this really the future of kid’s futures…being 14 and having to deal with Type II Diabetes because of the continuous lifestyle of unhealthy eating habits and the lack of knowledge about what is good to eat, getting moderate exercise…. Schools are only contributing to this awe shocking dilemma….

Hello All!

Hello everyone….

I blog about School Nutrition because I think it is a HUGE issue within public school systems thats needs to be more vocalized and informed to parents, teachers, and government officials within the DOE and USDA.  I hope to spark an interest in people all over the United States into making a BIG change that effects the health of United States children everywhere.  

So hopefully you all agree that something needs to be done! (: